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Emily and Jackie have been solving problems of the heart in NYC for over a decade. They met in 1997 in acting school at the North Carolina School of the Arts during an unfortunate mirror exercise where they saw into each others' deep deep darkness.

 In their spare time this duo enjoys planning wedding and baby showers for all of their non-single friends, drinking Manhattans, smudging apartments and cars, crock-pot cooking, playing MegaTouch, hot-rolling their hair and self improvement. (Don't allow yourself to be influenced by the Facebook rumor that they are witches, it is malicious and untrue.) To fill the moments in between they act in plays and TV shows and movies and stuff...

Christy Pusz

Film: Rachel Getting Married, Loving Leah; TV: Law and Order SVU and CI, Ugly Betty, The Unusuals; Broadway: Talk Radio, The Odd Couple; Off- Broadway- LCT's the New Century

Elizabeth Kapplow - 

Guiding Light, WTC View-Film and Stage Versions, Sexual Perversity in Chicago at A.C.T., Catherine in Proof at Triad Stage-Independent Weekly Best Actress