"Fascinating... a bravura display of hand-held camerawork, sound design and improvisational performance."                            Andy Webster, New York Times

"Impressively acted and gorgeously shot, it's a testament to what a director of true vision can do with the barest of resources"                New York Magazine CRITIC'S PICK

"a dance that's perfectly choreographed... constantly engaging." Stephanie Merry, Washington Post

"daring... the terrific new two shot high-wire act... is a surprisingly rich meditation on friendship, the difficulty of settling down and the importance of being earnest. Its formal ingenuity and winning cast make it a picture to watch out for."  Brandon Harris, Filmmaker Magazine

"Oddly affecting and well worth a look. Daniel McKeown’s lush cinematography adapts to suit the elements, structure and performers and helps being out the best in all departments... The real find is Marjan Neshat who radiates easy warmth and sexuality."                   Mark Adams, ScreenDaily

"Smartly written... offers an enthusiastic burst of American indie neuroses that conceals deft, near-seamless camerawork." Genevieve Yue, Reverse Shot

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a film by Sam Neave


NOW AVAILABLE on cable, OnDemand, iTunes, Amazon etc - watch it today! 


A love story shot in two continuous 40 minute takes set eighteen months apart:

the first over a sunset in Staten Island, the second over a sunrise in East Hampton.